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In the delightful district of Santo Stefano in the very heart of the hills of Valdobbiadene, there is a small winery called “VIGNE SAVIE” run by the Ruggeri family.
They are knowledgeable vine-growers who make single varietal PROSECCO and CARTIZZE wined using selected grapes that come solely from their vineyards located all around the winery.

The farm VIGNE SAVIE is a young producer and faces to the wine market with fresh and dynamic outlook, nevertheless it is deeply tied to an ancient tradition, passed down through several generations of skilled winemakers, together with those expedients “unwritten“, leading to a quality product. Making sparkling wine is a natural vocation for the farm. This is a specialization in which to get a sufficient result is not essentially difficult, but it is extremely difficult to get that famous “step further” that take the product out of the crowd.
 VIGNE SAVIE manages to do this, giving to its wines a distinct personal touch, with attention to the changing needs of the market in which it operates; market that, overwhelmed by a myriad of similar products, prefers a clear and precise reference point.