About us


Myth, earth, sun, air, Remigio and 4 women.

The name we have given to our winery is a sort of a daring challenge to the gods who donated us the great gift of joy with that bizarre and pretty crazy gesture with which Dionysus made us di-vini.

In fact the vineyards cannot be Savie. They respond to the pressing motion of the days by following rhythms and rules that we can only support.

But when men try to put order into divine things, it often happens that their rational impetus upsets the chaos, the matrix of everything, and other things may be born. This happens to men.

Remigio was the founder of the farm. It was the year 1980. He was a man of this land, who wished, by drawing vineyards, and confining the farms, that the vineyards of his ancestors would wear the dress of Wisdom. He strongly desired that, reconciling men with the sun of Santo Stefano and the sweet air of the mountain, in the carefree walk of the hills of Valdobbiadene, this sublime disorder could change into a munificent and harmonious combination.

Here Vigne Savie lie. And here we continue to make wine with them.

For us, Maria Teresa, Valentina, Laura and Viviana.

For you.

"Wine is poetry of the earth."

Mario Soldati (1906-1999)

"He who knows how to taste does not drink wine but savours secrets."

Salvador Dalì (1904-1989)